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i will suggest please use Premium Antivirus only

How To Find And Remove Virus From Your Android

May 30, 2020July 6.

2020                                  2 Comments        remove malware from android

remove virus from android        Remove Virus From Android – To protect the phone, there are many antivirus apps available on the Play Store.
But what to do when your phone has already been exposed to malware or viruses.
For some time, news  about  the virus in the phone has increased.
Android is considered to be a very safe  operating system , but many times there are reports of problems like viruses in it.
However, to avoid this, security patch  update s and security features are constantly introduced in it.

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If suddenly a lot of ads ( advertisements ) start appearing in your phone or corrupt data error starts then there may be a virus in your phone.
Apart from this, the sudden slowing down of the phone or the battery running out quickly is also a sign of malware in the phone.
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So if all  these  things are suddenly seen in your phone, then you do not have to worry.
We are telling you  about  such a method by following which you can easily remove the virus present in your phone.
For this, first turn off  your smartphone  and reboot in safe mode.
For this, according to different  devices , you have to press and hold the volume up or down button with the power button.
Some  android  doesn’t support this features, then you can boot your mobile into safe mode by pressing Power Button and Long Tap into Reboot.

Then you will get safe mode Reboot

When the boot loader is open, tap on ‘Restart in Safe Mode’.

After this has to go to Settings and then Apps

Now in the app list, see if there is any app that you have not installed or never opened.
Tap on it.

Now click on the Uninstall button which appears on the open page

After that the app will be removed from your device.

If the Uninstall button is fed and appears disabled

then first remove ‘Admin access’ from the app and then try to uninstall it.
For this, .

You have to go to Settings and then Security options
Now click on Device administrators and deselect the app from there

Now restart your smartphone in normal mode.
If your problem still does not go away, then go to Settings System and find Reset Options then click on Erase all data (factory reset) will have to be done to reset the phone.
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If you want to remove any virus manually, then you should know about virus and their types.
Also you should know about virus functionality.
Then you can find virus location and remove it from your system.
Is There A Free Virus Removal ?.
here are lot’s of free tools available in internet you can download it on your android and scan your device.
Then you can delete any virus and malware from your android.
You can use any antivirus like, Avast, Avera, AVG Antivirus etc.
What Is The Best Virus Remover ?.

Here are many types of Antivirus

Those are costly, i will suggest please use Premium Antivirus only.
Eset Antivirus, .

Norton Antivirus are best Virus Remover

Conclusion  – So guys, here is the simple method, with this method you can protect your android device from viruses and dangerous malware.

Keep your android updated and use any premium version of Antivirus

Never download any files from unknown source from internet.
Hope so you like our article, share and comments your thoughts about it.
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Exploring new ideas about Security, Ethical Hacking and Cyber Forensics.
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