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Our Customers.
| About Us |  Our Customers                   Our Customers.
Dairies and Processing Plants.
Accuracy in milk and dairy testing.
Dairy processing plants have a unique need for highly accurate, precise and repeatable instrumentation when  dealing with  both quality testing and payment testing.
For decades, Bentley Instruments has been servicing laboratories with  appropriate ly sized and scaled instruments for approved component and quality testing (fat, protein, lactose, somatic cell count, bacteria count etc.).

More Info       Herd Improvement

Speed and  reliability  in raw milk testing.
Central  laboratories  across the globe rely on our highly reliable instrumentation to provide results for herd management.
The need for compliant component testing (fat, protein, lactose, somatic cell count, bacteria count etc.) is met with high efficiency and th rough put.
The Bentley  Instruments  product line includes models that test from 50 to 500 samples per hour, making it easy to select a model for almost any laboratory.  More Info       Regulatory Oversight.
Approved  performance .
Regulatory agencies  around the world  help the dairy industry ensure that proper standards and protocols are met.
Bentley  Instruments  help these agencies achieve their objectives with a series of instruments for the precision measurement of fat, protein, lactose, somatic cells, and bacterial load.
The instruments allows for a worryfree ownership in any lab tasked with testing for regulatory compliance.
The lab will come to appreciate Bentley Instruments dedication to the dairy industry and the service/support that we give all of our customers.
More Info                                                                    © 2020 Bentley Instruments  All rights reserved.


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