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ClaimVantage  South Africa .

Claim Management Benefits of Claim Management Software

Re quest  A Demo.
Who We Insurance Carriers.

The BenefitsSalesforce ISV Partners

Software Pricing.
Security & Compliance.
Our Industry.
Information &.
AboutOur Team.
Case Studies.
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Claim Management   Benefits of  Claim Management Software.
Re quest  A Demo.
Who We  Insurance Carriers.

The Benefits Salesforce ISV Partners

Software Pricing.
Security & Compliance.
Our Industry.
Information &.
About Our Team.
Case Studies.
Contact Us.
Changing the Future  Of Claim Management ClaimVantage provides innovative cloud-based software solutions that will transform the way y our company  processes life, disability, and health claims, today and into the future.
Learn More.
Industry Leading Software.
For a competitive edge       ClaimVantage offers industry-leading software for managing Life, Disability, and Health claims efficiently and securely, helping you deliver superior  customer service  for a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.
Hosted on the Salesforce platform, our  configurable  and intuitive cloud-based software is developed and updated by industry experts.
We provide regular enhancements to keep you on top of market changes and industry  development s.
Our best-in-class solutions are fully integrated and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, helping you minimise fraud, streamline operations and improve productivity, while saving on  implementation  costs.
Learn More              Claim Processing.
Made easy    No More Manual Processes  Automate workflows and tasks       No More Paper Files  Store everything electronically       Reduce  Operational  Effort  Increase efficiency by 30%       Gain More Knowledge  Improve claim insights       Achieve Better Results  Optimise claim outcomes            45 Day Turnaround.

With ClaimVantage     Our claim management software solution is state-of-the-art

Supporting a broad range of policy benefits, the software leverages a claimant-centric approach to help you deliver a superior customer experience with efficiency and accuracy.

Claim Management Software           Built on the Salesforce

Lightning Platform architecture      The Salesforce Lightning Platform is the global leading platform for creating and deploying next-generation cloud-based applications.

The ClaimVantage Software Solutions are built on top of the underlying architecture

providing you and your business with secure, reliable and scalable software.

ClaimVantage is a Salesforce Gold Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner

and leverages the Salesforce Platform as a Service (PaaS) to offer you:  Data Indemnity & Security.
Regular Software Upgrades.
Flexibility & Scalability to Support your Growth.
Reduced Infrastructure Costs by up to 60%.

Learn More About Security & Compliance                Customer Success Stories

Always keeping you one step ahead             One core software solution.
Minimum Viable Product (MVP) delivered in 45 days.
Configurable to meet your needs.
Market-leading integration capability.

Customer Case Studies             You’ve got to see it

to believe it   Request A Demo       Don’t Just Take our Word.
Hear what our customers have to say  “This powerful tool is the heart of the claims operation, supporting our product, sales and customer service tool.”   Find out about more customer solutions               Our Global.
Partners     We work with Insurance companies and Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) across the globe.
With offices in USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa & Japan we can offer a level of support and customer care that is unrivalled in the industry.

Industry Partners    Some Interesting Reading

Keep up to date with all our latest news              ClaimVantage is the leading international provider of automated, cloud-based Life, Disability, and Health claim management software solutions for insurance carriers and Third-Party-Administrators (TPAs).
Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are designed to revolutionise claims processing by providing a robust system capable of integrating with your current business and workflow processes to drive efficient and accurate claims decisions with streamlined operations.
South Africa 9 Sherwood, 33 Ruth Avenue, Hyde Park, Sandton, Johannesburg Claim Management Software.
Who We Work With.
About ClaimVantage.
Contact Us.

Privacy Policy | Copyright© by ClaimVantage 2020 Claim Management Software

Who We Work With.
About ClaimVantage.
Contact Us.
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